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The Renovate CLI tool is open source and free to use. Renovate Pro is commercially licensed via subscription ($950/year) via this website. We also offer Renovate as an official GitHub Marketplace App, where use of private repositories requires a paid plan.


Where can I find the plans?
All paid plans for the hosted GitHub App are listed on GitHub Marketplace. Paid plans are only required for private repositories.
Do you offer Free Trials?
Yes, all GitHub Marketplace plans come with a 14 day Free Trial.
Do you offer discounts?
We have no way to offer discounts via GitHub Marketplace, but we do give away free service for students, non-profits, open source contributors and more here.
Do you offer a GitLab hosted version?
No, for GitLab you will need to run your own. A hosted version may come in future, but GitLab doesn't have any similar "App" or Marketplace concepts to make it easier.
Do you have an enterprise version?
Enterprise Editions of Renovate are coming for self-hosted users soon. Contact us if you would like early access.
Is the open source version of Renovate limited in any way?
The open source CLI tool has the same core as the App so is essentially interchangeable feature-wise.

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