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Hosted Plans for

If your repositories are hosted on, the easiest way to get Renovate is via our official Renovate App.
We host the full infrastructure necessary to run Renovate at scale and watch it like a hawk so you don't need to.
Pay via your regular GitHub Billing or contact us if direct invoicing is preferred.

Personal Plan

Run Renovate on your all personal plan's private repositories for just $1/month.

Organization Starter

Get your Organization started with up to 3 private repositories for $19/month.

Organization Medium

Renovate up to 25 private Organization repositories for only $39/month.

Organization Large

Renovate up to 100 private Organization repositories for $99/month.

Self-hosted Renovate Pro

A Renovate Pro license allows you to host your own instance of the Renovate App privately, either for or your own GitHub Enterprise instance.

Install using Docker

Renovate Pro is easy to install via official Docker Images.

Webhooks and priority queuing

Increase responsiveness and decreasing waiting times with the combined priority job queue + GitHub webhook listener.

Great value for money

Available for just $950/year.

Questions and Answers

Q: How do I pay for the GitHub App?
A: Please select a plan using GitHub Marketplace and GitHub will convenient add it to your existing bill.

Q: Can I pay directly for the GitHub App?
A: If GitHub Marketplace billing does not suit you (for example you are an invoicing customer of theirs), we support direct payment via credit card or bank transfer. Please contact us to arrange.

Q: Does the hosted app support GitLab or BitBucket?
A: Neither is currently supported but both are in consideration.

Q: Does Renovate Pro support GitLab or BitBucket?
A: We plan to first support GitLab with Renovate Pro - soon - and BitBucket after that. Please contact us to register your interest so we know how to prioritise it against other features/platforms we have in planning.

Q: Do you offer discounts for X?
A: For the Renovate App we give away free service for students, non-profits and open source contributors. Self-service add your account here.