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Automated Dependency Updates for Go Modules

Renovate supports upgrading dependencies in go.mod files and their accompanying go.sum checksums.

How It Works

  1. Renovate will search each repository for any go.mod files.
  2. Existing dependencies will be extracted from require statements
  3. Renovate will resolve the dependency's source repository and check for semver tags if found
  4. A PR will be created with go.mod and go.sum updated in the same commit
  5. If the source repository has either a "changelog" file or uses GitHub releases, then Release Notes for each version will be embedded in the generated PR.


Either install the Renovate App on GitHub, or check out Renovate OSS or Renovate Pro for self-hosted options.

Future work

  • #2580 Support vendoring of dependencies (i.e. Renovate updating the vendor/ directory in same PR as it update go.mod and go.sum)