Depend on Renovate

Third party modules in your product introduce the risk of bugs or security holes that you have no control over.

The only reliable risk mitigation strategy is to keep dependencies continuously patched.

Real Time

Renovate runs continuously to detect the latest available versions.


Multiple languages and file types are supported in order to detect dependencies wherever you use them.


Changelogs and commit histories are extracted and included with each update.


Run your existing suite of tests on every update to avoid regression errors.

Avoid Dependency Decay

Software projects are cheaper to maintain if you keep them regularly up-to-date, and at a schedule of your choosing. Waiting reactively for a problem first and then trying to upgrade everything under time pressure is both inefficient and risky.
Upgrades required
Flexible configuration

Unopinionated, flexible configuration.

The only opinion that matters when it comes to development tools is yours. Although Renovate's intelligent defaults suit most people, all features are configurable so there's a setup to suit everybody.

Risk-free Installation

Initially, you receive an onboarding Pull Request with an analysis of your repository and an upgrade plan.
Next, you can interactively reconfigure settings until the description matches what you want.
Finally, merge the config once you're ready to start.

Trusted by Thousands

Renovate has been installed in over 30,000 repositories on GitHub, by some of the web's best-known projects.

Renovate was also featured on The Changelog 289:

What users say

Renovate provides a delightful experience whether from single user to giant project.

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